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For being accessible to the aviation school the candidate must complete the following conditions.

  • Tunisian Nationality.
  • SocialState : Single
  • Age between 18 and 23 at the recruitment date. 24 years as maximum at the recruitment date for those who are still in the military service or who have already finished it.
  • The height: 1.67 m for boys and 1.60 m for girls.
  • Education level: Bac or 4th grade completed at Secondary School, at least in the year of the candidature.
  • Having an average equal or more than 10/20 in sportive physical education.
  • Being physically apt to military service through a physical check up.
  • Having succeeded in the following tests:
    • Sports test
    • Psycho technique test
    • Writing test


File Constitution:

  • Demand of candidate with the name of the National Defense Minister, containing: Identification, Address and the candidate phone number.
  • Conformable copy of Bac certificate or scholastic certificate or presence certificate for those who are in their 4th grade at secondary school (the year of the candidature). For the candidates who come from private school, their certificates must be agreed by the Regional Direction of Education.
  • Conformable copy of Bac scores bulletin or extract of notes for the trimester last concerning the candidates who have completed the 4th grade of secondary school.
  • 02 copies of National ID Card.
  • 01 original birth certificate dated maximum three months.
  • Original Bulletin N°3 in the year of the candidature and another one in the trimester of recruitment in case of admission. 
  • Conformable copy of certificate testifies the good conduct for the candidates who had finished their military service or a presence certificate from the corps for those who are still doing their military service.
  •      04 Identification photos.
  •      02 stamped envelopes with the candidate return address and Zip code.



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