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  •  November 1960: The creation of the Aviation School, in El Aouina Air Force Base.
  •  October 1963: The transfer of the Aviation School to Sidi Ahmed Air Force Base.
  •  June 1965: Official creation of aviation school in Sidi Ahmed Air Force Base.
  •  September 1993: Reorganization of the Aviation School due to the creation of the Aeronautic Specialties School in Sfax.    
  • January 2014: launch of the new school name: School of NCO's of the Air Force. 


    Mission :

Formation of Non-Commissioned Officers for the benefit of the Air Force and other military and civilian agencies.


   adress :

School of NCO's of the Air Force, Sidi Ahmed Air Force Base, Bizerte – 7011

Telephone: (+216) 72510407 – (+216) 72510333


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