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  • Citizenship: Tunisian
  • Marital status: Single
  • Age : from 18 to 23 years old at the recruiting date, or 24 years for those who are undertaking or have already done the military service
  • Minimum height : 1.67 m
  • Education level: Passed the 2nd year of secondary education (new regime)
  • Aptitude for the military service
  • Average score equal to or higher than 10/20 in physical education
  • Successfully passing the following exams:
    • Medical exam
    • Physical fitness exam
    • Psychological exam
    • Written exam

Note: Once admitted, the candidate has to sign a commitment contract for 7 years of active duty excluding the military training period




  • Application request addressed to the Minister of National Defense. The application form should contain the candidate's name, address and phone number   
  • 02 copies of  the national identification card
  • 04 ID photos
  • 01 original birth certificate that was printed no more than 3 months ago
  • Original copy of card number 3 issued for the current year
  • Certified copy of the scholarly certificate or certificate of attendance. For  those with a  certificate issued by a private school, the school has to be approved by the Regional Administration of Education
  • Copy of the annual scores sheet of the last completed school year
  • A certified copy of good conduct certification for those who have already done the military service
  • A copy of the military identification card or a certificate of presence for those undertaking the military service
  • 03 stamped envelopes with the candidate's personal address, including the zip code



  • Applications should be sent to the following address: Commander of the First Training Center of the Air Force, Kharouba air force base, Bizerte
  • Incomplete applications, applications sent to a different address, as well as applications received before or after the specified period will not be considered
  • Not receiving an invitation to participate in the competition indicates that the candidate did not get accepted
  • Applications do not get returned to the candidates



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