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       Common Basic Training phase:

The common basic training of new draftees is very important because of the following reasons:

  • The training period is the first time the draftee gets to discover the military way of life and learn about military regulations and discipline
  • The soldier integration in the military life has to be successful in order for the soldier to acquire the needed self confidence
  • The training has to be efficient and long lasting to help new draftees spend their military service period efficiently and in good working conditions 

           Objectives of the Common Basic Training:   


The common basic training aims at teaching draftees the basic military principles:

  •  Military procedures and regulations
  • Military security (security of people, institutions and management of classified information)
  • Use of personal weapons, combat training, and learning how to safeguard military institutions
  • Physical training and collective sports
  • Focus on national and moral training to strengthen the soldier’s sense of duty to protect the country and maintain its sovereignty



         Organization of the Common Basic Training:


  • The common basic training phase lasts 10 weeks with an average of 40 hours/week not including nightlife activities.
  • The basic training is divided into three complementary and consecutive phases in an incremental fashion with regards to the amount of learned material and training rate


Phase I:

Lasts for two weeks and focuses on:

  • Introducing the soldier to the military way of life
  • Training on how to march in military formations and learning about the military rules and regulations
  • National and moral training in the field of military security
  • Completing various administrative procedures such as medical exams, vaccinations and taking care of some special situations (exemption from or postponement of the military service, applications for individual assignments, applications for technical training, etc…)


Phase II:

Lasts for six weeks with an incremental rate of training:



  • Introduction of core subjects such as weapons, shooting and combat training in addition to learning how to safeguard a military institution
  • Introduction of technical subjects such as transmission, first aid, fire fighting, etc…
  • Strengthen the acquired knowledge and continue to learn about military security, military rules and regulations, and how to march in military formations



Phase III:

During the ninth and tenth weeks of the training period, soldiers



  • Continue to learn about core subjects
  • Take the exam of finishing the common basic training
  • Participate in the exam of passing under enemy fire and participate in the end of training camping event
  • Train for parade
  • Participate in the festival of flag presentation and oath swearing




Distribution Schedule of Basic Common Training (400 hrs)






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