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Borj El Amri Aviation School (BAAS) is a military institution for higher education under the authority of the Ministry of National Defense and the supervision of the Chief of Staff of the Air Force.

The BAAS was established in 1994 by merging the Civil Aviation and Meteorology School (created in 1968) on one hand and  the Air Force Academy (created in 1984) on the other hand. The school is located at the airfield of Borj El Amri's airport, 23 km northwest of the capital Tunis.

The BAAS has for slogan "to the highest" and the insignia symbolizes the aviation environment and the various proposedfields of specialties.

The school is a national training center approved by the civil aviationto provide theoretical knowledge and practical training courses in aeronautics, air traffic control and meteorology.

National examinations in the civil aviation field are organized within the school under the supervision of the General Administration of Civil Aviation.

Admission of cadets to the BAAS is carried out after finishing with success two years of preparatory education. Once admitted, cadets have to pursue courses in their fields of expertise for three years before they graduate as engineers. The education program is composed of two parts: military training and scientific technical education.




The main mission of the school is to produce officers engineers (Pilots and Technical Engineers), as well as non-commissioned senior technicians for the Air Force. The training of pilots engineers complies with the European standards of teaching and examinations JAR-FCL (Joint Aviation Requirements-Flight Crew Licensing).

The school also trains civilians as student pilots, senior technicians or technical assistants in the aviation field for the benefit of airline companies and national and foreign organisms.



         Mejez el Bab Road1142 Borj el Amri

Phone: 71 542 030

Fax: 71 542 666

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